Booking instructions for FSHS customers

Logging in

  • Go to SYNLAB Finland’s website at www.synlab.fi in the right upper corner you can open the log in page to your Health Folder. You can choose your preferred language in the top-left corner.
  • Log in using your Mobile ID or the strong authentication. If you don`t want to use your Health Folder book an appointment calling us 010 326 3260.


  • After logging in, you will see your personal Health Folder view, which has the “Results”, “Appointments” and “Referrals” tabs.
  • Click “Referrals” to see your open referrals that are “Not scheduled”. The referral states who gave the referral (FSHS) and which examinations they have requested. Please note that EKG, PAP and SORA tests regulated by the legislation can be booked through the appointment calendar by selecting the appropriate exam through the Additional options -section.
  • To book an appointment for the referral, click “Book an appointment”, which opens the appointment booking calendar.
  • In the appointment booking calendar, you can select your preferred location. For FSHS customers, we recommend booking a 5 minute time slot for blood tests. The duration is displayed above the calendar.  Please book a different 10 minute time slot to collect the sample jars and to return them. Collect the jars before coming to the blood test.
  • Finally, click continue to confirm your appointment.

Rescheduling / cancelling your appointment

  • To view, reschedule or cancel your appointment, click “Appointments”. Appointments must be cancelled no later than 24 hours prior to the appointment.