How to prepare for ultrasound examinations

Ultrasound examination is based on the use of ultrasound. No X-radiation is used. This examination is typically based on a referral from a physician, detailing the area to be imaged and the precise objectives of the examination. The examination is performed by a radiologist. You may need to take off some of your clothes for the imaging. The examination is painless and takes approximately 10–20 minutes. When you come to the examination please be prepared to identify yourself with photo ID.

How to prepare for the examination

  • Most ultrasound examinations do not require any preparations.
  • In case of ultrasound examinations of the upper abdomen or the abdomen, you should not eat anything for four hours before the examination.
  • In case of ultrasound examinations of the lower abdomen or the urinary tract, you should not urinate for 2–3 hours before the examination.

 Ultrasound examination at SYNLAB

  • The examination is done lying down.
  • The area being imaged is examined by moving an ultrasound probe on gel applied to the skin. The image is viewed on computer screen at the same time.
  • The examination is performed by a radiologist.
  • The examination takes 10–20 minutes depending on the area being imaged.

Cancelling an examination appointment

If you are unable to come, you may cancel your appointment by calling the appointment number 010 326 3260 or in your online Health Folder. You cannot cancel an appointment by e-mail.

We charge EUR 50 of no shows or appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before the ultrasound examination.