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The service fee of 15 € is added to the total price of the laboratory tests. You can have several laboratory tests taken during your visit.
Tests that require fasting are marked with an asterisk (*). They also have the letter f at the beginning of their name (for example fP-Gluk and fS-Col). For these tests, please book an appointment that starts before 12 o’clock. 
B -PVK+T - 2474
20 €
B -Perusverenkuva ja trombosyytit
S -Ferrit - 1395
24,50 €
S -Ferritiini
Alanine aminotransferase
S -ALAT - 1026
10,50 €
S -Alaniiniaminotransferaasi
fP-Gluk - 1468
13,50 €
fS-Lipidit - 2245
10 €
Serum creatinine
S -Krea - 2143
16,90 €
S -Kreatiniini
S -TSH - 2832
19 €
S -Tyreotropiini. Näyte suositellaan otettavaksi aamulla/aamupäivällä noin klo 8-12.
Serum potassium
S -K - 2001
10,50 €
S -Kalium
Time is not selected